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5 Tips for Safe Travels

Posted on 4/21/2017 by Pearl Technology in Cyber Security

Here are some traveling tips to keep your browsing secure when you're on the move:

  1. Encrypt your devices, and make sure they all have secure passwords (see previous blog posts for more detail on secure passwords).
  2. Avoid free Wi-Fi, and if possible, use a VPN.
  3. If you are going out of the US, don't take your primary computer. In fact, Homeland Security recommends you purchase a throwaway cell phone and laptop. If you can't, then make sure you have it completely erased when you reenter.
  4. Don't ever leave your devices unattended.
  5. Wait to post to social media until you return. Don't post pictures or comments about your trip.

For more information, the FCC provides some fantastic advice here.