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Don't Cancel That Task—Install the Updates

Posted on 6/8/2016 by Pearl Technology in System Updates Flash Java

You boot up your computer, and it happens again. A prompt pops up and asks you to install important system updates. Instead of clicking "remind me later," install those updates!

Frequently updating your system is the single most effective way for you to protect yourself from external threats, because automatic updates guard against vulnerabilities found in software and operating systems.

Enabling Windows automatic updates will allow your system to automatically install critical updates. If you are still using Flash or Java, go into your control panel and set those to automatically update as well.

While you are there, stop by Programs and Features and remove Flash! I'll show you how to still watch YouTube without Flash in a later article.

Go here and learn how to configure Windows automatic updates.

Go here and learn how to set up automatic Java updates.

Go here to find out how to set up automatic Flash updates (if you can't bare to part with Flash).