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Fight Malware With Data Backup

Posted on 8/30/2016 by Pearl Technology in Malware Backup Data

There is a particularly nasty family of malware out there known as ransomware. It goes by names like Cryptolocker, Cryptowall, and a REALLY awful one known as MBR ransomware.

The goal of this malware is to encrypt data and extort a payment from the unfortunate victim. If you've fallen prey to ransomware, you know that there is no way to get around the encryption.

Worse yet, the price goes up every 30 days, until after three months, your data is gone forever. Don't believe IT scammers: You can't “crack” the encryption.

There are only two ways to get that data back:

  1. Pay the fine (which ironically works very often)
  2. Restore from a backup

At $500-$1500 to recover your data from the ransomware, a backup looks like a great alternative. You can buy a $200 external USB drive, or you can use an application like Carbonite or Crashplan.

Protect yourself and your sanity, and get a backup for your system NOW.

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