Alex Grawey—Assuring Superior Audiovisual Technology Installations

Alex Grawey—Assuring Superior Audiovisual Technology Installations
June 23, 2022 Pearl Technology
Alex Grawey—Assuring Superior Audiovisual Technology Installations

Alex Grawey—Assuring Superior Audiovisual Technology Installations

As a lead audiovisual (AV) installation technician at Pearl Technology, Alex Grawey, CTS, is responsible for installing audiovisual technology for clients in Central Illinois.

How He Serves

Alex installs all the media equipment, such as TVs, speakers, projectors, and cameras. If any issues result, he also troubleshoots to provide a solution to the problem.

“It’s my goal to provide excellent customer service and develop client relationships as I work,” Alex said. “I also teach new technicians the skills they need to provide the best service and quality in AV solutions.”

Alex shared how this recently played out with a client. “We installed two projector screens for a church. When we were almost done, the client wanted to make a minor adjustment. I told him we could move the screens wherever he wanted, even though I knew it would add another day of work. He was so happy he gave me a hug.”

Why His Experience Matters

An audiovisual technician with 8 years of experience, Alex joined Pearl Technology when IAS was acquired a few years ago. He still works from the same office in Peoria. Prior to that, Alex installed AV equipment for conference rooms.

Alex completed AVIXA’s Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) program and achieved both Dante Level 1 and Level 2 certificates. He also has an associate degree in Recording Arts. All his training assures clients will receive innovative, expert solutions to their audiovisual challenges.

An AV specialist, Alex worked as an audio stagehand in Chicago and a lighting technician for Creative Technology NEP Live Events in the suburbs before coming to Peoria. He also served as an audiovisual technician with Caterpillar in Mossville.

Alex was ready for a bigger challenge and joined the IAS team in November 2020 to broaden his skills. “I like how every day is a new adventure at Pearl. Every install is different, and it keeps me on my toes. But my true passion is sound. I love installing speakers and tuning systems to assure the highest quality and flawless tones.”

Alex has learned a lot about construction while at Pearl Technology. “I came in without any construction experience, and I continue to learn new things every day.”

What Sustains Him

Alex is getting married in 2023. He and his fiancée, Morgan, live in Peoria with their two Australian Shepherds.

Life is his motivator. “Just being alive is a blessing. I try to live in the present moment as much as possible.” In his free time, Alex enjoys live music, sports, video games, cars, and collectible trading cards.

Does your business need a state-of-the-art conference center or another audiovisual solution? Contact Alex to see how he can help.