Chris Bell—Securing Sales Through Advanced Security and IT Solutions

Chris Bell—Securing Sales Through Advanced Security and IT Solutions
July 6, 2021 Pearl Technology
Chris Bell—Securing Sales Through Advanced Security and IT Solutions

Chris Bell—Securing Sales Through Advanced Security and IT Solutions

If you talk with Chris Bell, sales director at Pearl Technology, you’ll soon appreciate his love for sales and desire for growth in the southeast region. But there’s more to him than that.

How He Serves

As sales director for the Southeast region, Chris is responsible for providing Pearl Technology’s security and IT solutions for eight states (TX, AR, GA, NC, SC, AL, FL, and MS). His goal is to help Pearl Technology become a top-ranking solutions provider with multimillion-dollar revenue in that region, and he hopes to accomplish it by providing the solutions clients need to keep their businesses running in today’s ever-changing cyber marketplace.

“I enjoy meeting new people and helping our clients succeed by offering the latest in security and information technology,” Chris said. “Pearl Technology has a variety of advanced cybersecurity solutions and products to help keep businesses secure and downtime to a minimum.”

Chris told the story of how he recently helped a client: “After a fire destroyed their business, I helped them restore their network and get back online within three days. That’s one reason I feel like what I do is so important. It’s not only about the sales; it’s also about how the solutions I sell can make a difference in helping businesses stay operational.”

What Motivates Him

“I love the management and coworkers at Pearl Technology,” Chris said. “We have a great team and many products to offer—cybersecurity solutions, CISO as a service, audiovisual integration solutions, hosted private and public cloud services through our data centers, and comprehensive IT solutions. I have also learned more about how insurance and technology work within a company and can complement one another.”

Chris joined the Pearl Technology team in January 2021. He was drawn to the company because it is family owned and has expertise and leadership in the cybersecurity industry.

What Sustains Him

Chris married his high school sweetheart and lives in Orlando, Florida, with their two sons. He believes that life is precious. “It’s important to make every minute count,” he said, “So I set written goals for the week, not just for my career but for what I hope to accomplish in our family as well.” He believes it helps him stay on course and make the best use of his time.

Want a fun fact about Chris? He’s related to Alexander Graham Bell. “My dad was big into researching our family ancestry and has a picture of his mom with AGB when she was about seven years old.”

In his spare time, Chris loves the outdoors. He enjoys playing golf, waterskiing, and coaching youth basketball. He may be a bit competitive, too. “I won a high school national championship and President’s Club awards several times,” he added.

Does your business need help with cybersecurity or IT solutions? Contact Chris to see how he can help.