Dale Lewis—Providing the Utmost in Audiovisual Service

Dale Lewis—Providing the Utmost in Audiovisual Service
August 5, 2022 Pearl Technology
Dale Lewis—Providing the Utmost in Audiovisual Service

Dale Lewis—Providing the Utmost in Audiovisual Service

As a service technician at Pearl Technology, Dale Lewis, CTS, handles the troubleshooting and repair of audiovisual technology systems. His goal is to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that even the smallest detail is not overlooked.

How He Serves

Dale juggles a variety of roles besides troubleshooting and repair. He also trains end users, performs upgrades, and installs additions. Dale handles all service calls and juggles schedules to ensure resources are provided as needed. In addition, he works with manufacturers to provide necessary paperwork for shipping equipment for repair or replacement and keeps track of its return for scheduling and reinstalling. So, just about anything that’s needed from start to finish to make sure an audiovisual system runs smoothly.

“I try to be ready to handle whatever our customers need quickly,” Dale said. “And that means everything from ordering replacement parts to maintaining our inventory, so that we can provide clients with the prompt service needed in today’s business environment.”

Dale also manages project installations. He ensures that everything is available to meet the customer’s needs and purchases. When he’s got everything ready, Dale arranges everything with the customer, technicians, and programmer to get the installation handled in a timely fashion.

What His Experience Means

A service manager with IAS Technology for 18 years, Dale joined Pearl Technology at the time of the acquisition in 2021. He has completed AVIXA’s Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) program and received an associate degree in electronics from Heald Institute of Technology in California before that.

“In my current position, I manage all aspects of service while doing much of the hands-on work myself,” Dale explained. “I take care of smaller installations and upgrades as well.”

But Dale believes his on-the-job training contributes most to his ability to serve customers well. “I treat every project as if it were my own. I enjoy making my customers happy and working directly with them to fix problems with their systems. They are usually very grateful for my service.”

What Sustains Him

Dale has two grown children and lives with his wife of 38 years in East Peoria. In his spare time, Dale likes to play drums and frequently runs the sound equipment at his church. He also loves to go mountain biking.

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