Dave Johnson—Innovative Solutions for Today’s Technology Marketplace

Dave Johnson—Innovative Solutions for Today’s Technology Marketplace
January 12, 2022 Pearl Technology
Dave Johnson—Innovative Solutions for Today's Technology Marketplace

Dave Johnson—Innovative Solutions for Today’s Technology Marketplace

As president of Pearl Technology, Dave Johnson is tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations and keeping the business running smoothly. Working out of the Peoria Heights office, he ensures clients have needed technology solutions to remain connected and operational, with no downtime.

How He Serves

Since 2012, Dave has been overseeing the operation of all Pearl Technology’s services, including negotiations for recent acquisitions, to ensure needs are met. In 2019, Pearl acquired two companies: CIAN (an IT and data security company) and A5 (a private cloud, hosting, and data center services company), thereby enhancing Pearl’s expertise with more cybersecurity and infrastructure services. Then, in 2021, IAS Technology (a leader in integrated audiovisual solutions) was added.

Under Dave’s leadership, Pearl Technology has been growing at an accelerated pace, with more expertise than ever before and business opportunities across the country. Pearl Technology has a more comprehensive portfolio that features everything a business needs to remain connected with top-notch security, network installation, support, and administration. And, reflecting the ever-changing digital landscape, they have expanded their core services with even more comprehensive cybersecurity, data center, IT, and audiovisual solutions. They are also a leading technology value-added reseller (VAR).

“We have a broad array of technology solutions at Pearl Technology now,” Dave said. “We’re excellent at managed services, and we’re stronger than anyone in our area when it comes to cybersecurity. We have two data centers and top-notch audiovisual integration products and skills. Plus, we specialize in custom technology solutions. I think our future growth will be aimed at going deeper, rather than broader. Acquiring similar companies in other areas of the country makes sense.”

Prior to joining Pearl Technology, Dave owned a company for 26 years and competed with Pearl. He saw Pearl as a solid company with a lot of potential. “Pearl Technology has the nimbleness of a small company but the resources to grow quickly and excel at what we do. We acquired three companies in just over a year. We’re always looking to grow organically, but we can also seek other good technology companies to acquire and fold into ours. Plus, our owner, Gary Pearl, is a very strong supporter of our ideas and growth. None of it would be possible without him.”

What Motivates Him

For Dave, it’s all about the people and teamwork. “It’s a family atmosphere. Yes, we have squabbles, but we can and do rely on each other. I just ride the horse. Now and then, I pull back on the reins, say giddy up, or steer in a slightly different direction, but it’s our team doing all the work.”

Technology is Dave’s life. “I’ve been running technology companies for 35 years. There really is only one way to be successful. You must hire people who are smarter than you and enable them to make decisions and take responsibility. That’s the type of people who make things happen… and that’s the type we employ.”

Of course, Dave has his own achievements too. He’s a leader of InfraGard Peoria, a partnership between the FBI and private sector for the protection of the U.S. Critical Infrastructure. He’s also committed to the community and promotion of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

A cofounder of the Pearl Technology/Richwoods Township STEM Academy, Dave is involved in all the area’s events. He’s also a member of the ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) U.S. Education Committee and a certified BBQ Pitmaster for charity events.

What Sustains Him

Coffee is key in helping Dave get through the day. “I also have a great leadership team and employees that I rely on heavily,” he said. “Seriously, it’s a privilege to come to work every morning to a place full of intelligent, motivated people, and to have Gary’s support as the owner of the company. I love what I do.”

Dave lives in Morton, IL, and has three adult children and 9 grandchildren. “I love attending events where my grandkids participate. I also thoroughly enjoy doing The Greg and Dan Show every Monday morning on WMBD radio. It’s a chance to educate the public about cybersecurity and technology, and Greg and Dan are excellent at what they do. They make it fun.”

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