Joe Malley—Assisting Clients with IT Requests to Keep Systems Running

Joe Malley—Assisting Clients with IT Requests to Keep Systems Running
August 31, 2022 Pearl Technology
Joe Malley—Assisting Clients with IT Requests to Keep Systems Running

Joe Malley—Assisting Clients with IT Requests to Keep Systems Running

As an Associate IT Consultant at Pearl Technology, Joseph (Joe) Malley helps to provide IT solutions for clients via phone and ticket requests. A part of our managed services team, Joe helps clients keep their businesses running smoothly with solutions provided by our specialized team and certified technicians.

How He Serves

Joe recently joined Pearl Technology in April 2022. Prior to joining the team, he worked at the Air National Guard base in Bartonville, IL, as a systems administrator, where he worked as a technician and assisted with the help desk for the Air Force. This position helped him to transition to his current role at Pearl Tech.

When technology fails, a business suffers. It can result in downtime and lost revenue, not to mention the costly cyberattacks that can expose an organization’s files and customers. That’s why Joe’s role is to help keep clients’ technology running properly, so no vulnerabilities are left unchecked.

As a member of the Help Desk team, Joe takes client requests via phone calls or emails and handles the tickets accordingly. To provide solutions, he will go to the site or troubleshoot a situation remotely.

“It’s my goal to help keep their systems running properly so they don’t lose time, money, and resources,” Joe continued. “I work with the service desk to respond quickly to our customers’ needs and address their problems before, during, or after they occur. Our certified specialists help handle any situation that arises, including patches, spam threats, antivirus protection, disaster recovery, and more.”

Joe works out of the Peoria Heights office and says he enjoys working with his coworkers at Pearl.

What His Experience Means

As a systems administrator for the Air National Guard, Joe maintained and worked to troubleshoot problems with server architecture. This included physically setting up virtual machines and new equipment inside of racks. If additional space was needed, then he helped with that as well.

“I’m continuously growing my knowledge of IT,” Joe explained. “I hope to bring that knowledge to Pearl Tech and to continue growing as an IT professional. I’m excited to help our customers as Pearl Tech continues to evolve. Right now, I hear we are growing toward more cloud-based services for customers.”

Joe holds an associate’s degree in Network Administration from Parkland College in Champaign, IL, and has CompTIA A+ certification, which covers cloud computing, cybersecurity, hardware, software, networking, troubleshooting issues, setting up networks, and more. He has also earned his Sec+ certification, which helps prepare him for a career in cybersecurity.

Currently attending the University of Illinois Springfield, Joe is pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security. As part of this program, he will learn the fundamentals of design and implementation of secure systems, security assessments, and computer security ethics. The UIS program also utilizes a variety of cutting-edge technologies and labs in many hands-on learning activities.

Joe is also a member of the National Guard’s CERFP, which helps with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) threats. Working with civil support teams (CSTs) and Homeland Response Forces (HRF), the CERFP assists during disasters inside the U.S. and includes six subsections; Joe is part of the Joint Incident Site Communications Capability (JISCC) subsection, which provides communications capability for CERFP and civilians during disasters.

What Sustains Him

A North Pekin resident, Joe has two pet rabbits—Rosie and Eureka—and says he looks forward to going to the gym when his workday is over. In his spare time, Joe loves working out, reading, and playing video games (sometimes).

“I live by my blood type—be positive (B+),” Joe added. “It’s important to wake up every day with the mindset that it’s a new beginning, so you leave the negatives behind.”

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