Keaton Fuller—Installing and Commissioning Audio Video Control Systems

Keaton Fuller—Installing and Commissioning Audio Video Control Systems
April 5, 2022 Pearl Technology
Keaton Fuller—Installing and Commissioning Audio Video Control Systems

Keaton Fuller—Installing and Commissioning Audio Video Control Systems

As senior technician with the audiovisual (AV) solutions team at Pearl Technology, Keaton Fuller, CTS-I, AQAV CQT, is responsible for training and leading a professional audiovisual installation team. He works from the Peoria office, where his primary role is to install and test a variety of audio and video systems. Keaton also helps to organize and maintain the tools, staging processes, and company vehicles, as well as provides job documentation, drawings, and close-out materials.

How He Serves

Keaton assures the audiovisual solutions team follows all processes and systems are functioning properly. “I can test anything—from the audio and video systems in a teleconferencing room, so people can hold meetings and share information in other regions or countries—to large- and small-venue audio systems for bands, choirs, and theater setups, often using tall lifts and scaffolding.”

The team’s primary focus is not only to assure client objectives are met, but also to build lasting relationships. Keaton says going beyond the norm is standard care for them.

“We were replacing a projection screen at a church,” Keaton explained. “We had to build two towers of scaffolding, 25 feet to the ceiling on a floor that wasn’t level. The client asked if it would be possible for us to replace a few bulbs that had burned out. We told him it would be no problem and replaced the bulbs. That saved the church from having to pay someone else to come out and erect their own scaffolding. Taking care of our clients is important to us.”

Why His Experience Matters

When Pearl Technology acquired IAS Technology about a year ago, Keaton joined the audiovisual solutions team. He brings about 10 years of experience to his position. “I worked about six years at IAS and did pretty much the same thing there as I am doing now at Pearl.” Prior to that, Keaton says he worked as an installation technician, putting in audio, video, security, and remote start systems in cars.

Keaton holds the top manufacturer and industry certifications from AVIXA (Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association). AVIXA represents professional AV and information communications industries worldwide. And, as a Certified Technology Specialist-Installation (CTS-I), he helps uphold the mission of establishing high standards of ethical and professional practice for the audiovisual industry. Keaton is also certified as an AQAV CQT so he can monitor and measure the quality of an AV system as it is being designed and developed. He can audit any system to assure it is running properly.

What Motivates Him

Keaton has always been interested in working with audiovisual equipment. “Pearl has given me a great opportunity to fulfill that interest. I love being part of a great team and working in a field I really enjoy. I like the people, the atmosphere, and the clients we work with.”

He also enjoys pursuing education and management opportunities in audiovisual. “I think we’ll see a large uptick in sales and job opportunities with the addition of AV integration at Pearl Technology.”

Keaton’s love of learning contributes to his job satisfaction. “I have learned a lot and continue to learn more every day. Just the other day, I learned about a unique type of fiber connector. It takes a lot of practice and a steady hand to master some of these connectors.”

What Sustains Him

Keaton’s family, friends, and team are what keep him going every day. His fiancée, Brooke, and two boys live in Pekin, Illinois. “Brooke is my best friend and favorite person ever.”

In his free time, Keaton enjoys sports and wants to visit all the stadiums he can. “Go, Cubs!” he added.

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