Pat Venditte—Providing Central Illinois with High-Quality Tech Solutions

Pat Venditte—Providing Central Illinois with High-Quality Tech Solutions
May 10, 2022 Pearl Technology
Pat Venditte—Providing Central Illinois with High-Quality Tech Solutions

Pat Venditte—Providing Central Illinois with High-Quality Tech Solutions

As an account executive with the team at Pearl Technology, Pat Venditte is responsible for providing the businesses in Central Illinois with the most appropriate technologies for their business. In this role, he offers high-quality solutions from the company’s services: cybersecurity, data centers, IT solutions, and audiovisual solutions.

How He Serves

Pat showcases the products at Pearl Technology and ensures each client has the technology needed to keep their businesses growing and operational. He is also responsible for manning the Pearl Tech booth at tradeshows. He loves talking to prospective customers about the variety of technology solutions the company offers.

“Having a sales role gives me a great opportunity to help Pearl Tech grow through high-quality technology solutions for our clients,” Pat said. “The company has invested so heavily in qualified, phenomenal people to head each division. With their help, we can provide a variety of solutions to businesses in our region and surrounding states.”

Pat has succeeded in acquiring new clients for each product line during his first year. “The people are the best part of my job though. The team here is so talented and willing to share their expertise to make everyone around them better. I’ve also enjoyed using my existing skills and learning many new ones with the help of the elite talent around me. It’s fun to work at a company where people genuinely care for one another.”

He also enjoys the variety and opportunity to learn something new every day. “It’s important to be open to all views and ideas. Just because I see something one way doesn’t mean that’s how all people view that situation. Understanding different views helps to connect the right solutions to each client.”

Looking at a problem differently often helps provide answers that might not otherwise be found. “One customer needed a solution for an emergency conference call,” Pat said. “With shipping delays, it would have been impossible to have the company set up and running in time. We were able to provide a temporary solution by using some used equipment in the interim, and the call went off without a hitch!”

Why His Experience Matters

Previously a professional baseball pitcher, Pat has been working with Pearl Tech for about a year. He says his experience has contributed to his new role in surprising ways.

“Playing professional baseball for 13 years with six different MLB teams took me all over the world. That helps me now because baseball is a game of failure, so you learn to deal with constant setbacks and unforeseen challenges. The sales world is no different. You’re told no a lot. You have constant ups and downs. But it’s important to have a consistent approach and work habits to drive success. I have carried those habits into the business world. The feeling of winning a new customer evokes similar emotion to winning a big game, and that’s a feeling that never grows old.”

Working with different teams in different countries also helps him in sales. “I learned to work with every type of personality you can imagine. Having that background helps me to be a better coworker and salesperson. I’ve learned to find common ground no matter how challenging a customer or sale may be.”

What Sustains Him

Pat’s family and philosophy help sustain him when it comes to life and sales. “The philosophy that carries me through many challenging times is simple: Just keep going! No matter the challenge, if you just keep going, things eventually turn in your favor.”

Pat lives in Peoria with his wife, Erin, and three children: Dominic (5), Ella (3), and Clara (1). When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his family. And, when he’s not with them, he enjoys golf and volunteering as a pitching coach for Peoria Notre Dame Varsity Baseball.

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