Stay Safe While Surfing

Stay Safe While Surfing
February 18, 2016 Pearl Technology
Stay Safe While Surfing

Stay Safe While Surfing

Think of your workplace as a beach. If you want to stay safe while surfing, you need to avoid sharks. These cunning beasts will wait until you’re not paying attention, and then LOOK OUT! Cue the Jaws theme.

Of course, these aren’t literal sharks being discussed here, and you’re not really surfing unless your employer is very kind. In this case, the “sharks” are malware, suspicious downloads, deceptive emails, and anything that could cause cyber damage to your workplace. “Surfing” is browsing websites, checking emails, and using technology to complete the normal functions of your job.

When you’re working, pay attention to every click you make and every site you navigate. Be wary of any digital information that doesn’t come from a trusted source.

At the end of the day, you and the entire company are responsible for cyber security.

Do your part by taking these actions:

  • Close your browser if a site looks questionable
  • Report suspicious-looking emails
  • Report any changes to your home page that you didn’t make
  • Close and report security warnings from websites and software installations

Don’t hesitate to be suspicious! It is the single best security control you can exercise.