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6 Worst Password Ideas You Should Avoid

Posted on 2/1/2019 by Pearl Technology in Passwords cybersecurity

Don’t be so obvious.

In the Mel Brooks classic Spaceballs, there’s a scene where the main villain, Dark Helmet, remarks on the stupidity of using a password like “12345,” remarking it’s the kind of password an idiot would use on his luggage lock.

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Continuing the Password Conversation

Posted on 10/25/2016 by Pearl Technology in Cyber Security Passwords

Because passwords are your first and often only line of protection from would-be hackers, the security community can never talk about them too much.

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Throw Out Your Flimsy Passwords

Posted on 5/10/2016 by Pearl Technology in Cyber Security Passwords

If you were building a new house, you wouldn't frame the walls with cardboard. You wouldn't install floors made out of Styrofoam and bubble wrap. If you use short, simple passwords, you're guarding your files and sensitive information with flimsy security.

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